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Ivy Hill Court - A Residential Care Facility for Ladies

Admissions: Financials

Ivy Hill Court is a private residential care facility and accepts either private pay, personal income (Social Security & Pensions) with subsidy from, SSI, or EAEDC(Emergency Aid Elderly & Disabled Children.) Subsidies can be applied for after the resident has spent at least one night at the home.

All financial arrangements are handled by the Administrator and the Business Office Manager.

Mass Health:

The application for Mass Health subsidy is handled by Ivy Hill Court. While the application is in the process of being approved, the portion of the resident’s payment for room and board must be paid with her countable income (Soc.Sec, Pensions, bank assets, etc.) minus the state approved monthly allowance of $72.80 for personal needs.

Cable TV & Telephone:

Also available are cable hook-up, and telephone at below monthly residential pricing, payable to Ivy Hill Court.

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