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Ivy Hill Court - A Residential Care Facility for Ladies


We welcome your further questions about our Home and the admissions process. In general, the admissions process for Ivy Hill Court usually follows these steps:

The Application Process:

Visit Us ~ Arrange a Tour

We invite you to come and tour our facility to get the full experience of the warmth and hospitality of the home. During the tour, families are shown typical rooms to get a further impression of likely living arrangements. Please note that a guarantee of a particular room assignment cannot be given until the date of offering admission.

Staff Assessment:

An assessment must be made by the Ivy Hill Court staff to determine if the potential resident meets the criteria for this level of care. The admission assessment form must be completed.

The criteria: the potential resident must be 65 years of age or older, self ambulatory, may use a cane or a walker. Able to take care of self with very minimal assist, feed self, toilet self, if incontinent must be able to change incontinent pads or depends with no assistance, and also must be able to get in and out of bed.

Required Paperwork:

The necessary paperwork, including a medication list and physical, will be prepared for authorization and signature by the Primary Care Physician and all insurance information must be provided. Required paperwork shall include:

  1. Copies of the last three months bank statements
  2. Copies of bank book
  3. Copies of monthly income: SS checks, Pension checks
  4. Copy of health insurance premium
  5. Copy of life insurance policy
  6. Copy of pre-paid funeral agreement
  7. Copy of insurance cards
  8. Copy of Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy
  9. Copy of birth certificate
  10. Copy of marriage certificates or divorce certificates or anything that shows name change
  11. Copy of Soc Sec Card

Room Assignments

There are 30 private resident rooms at Ivy Hill Court. Available rooms are first offered to our current residents and there is no guarantee of a particular room to perspective admissions.

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