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Ivy Hill Court - A Residential Care Facility for Ladies

Ivy Hill Lifestyle: Support Departments

Nursing Department

The role of the Nursing Department is to monitor the condition and health of each resident, to offer minimal assistance when needed and to provide a safe environment. Medications and treatments are administered by either a LPN or a RCC who is med trained for our residential care facility. Interaction with resident’s physician and responsible family members to assure a continuum of care, and will assist with setting up of appointments, but transportation to and from appointments are the responsibility of the resident’s family members.

Dietary Services Social Services

The Social Worker is responsible for the social well-being of the women that live here. These responsibilities include counseling, family contacts, connecting with needed outside services and providing for concrete day to day needs. The Social Worker coordinates meetings with the Interdisciplinary Team, residents and families with regard to discharge plans, residents’ illness, and adjustment to placement in our home.


Laundry is provided by the Home. All clothes, sheets, blankets, pillow cases, towels, and all other articles that need to be sent to the laundry must be marked for identification purposes. All laundry is to be put in a laundry bag outside the bedroom door in the AM (before Breakfast) so it can be collected by the laundress/housekeeping department. Normally items will be washed, dried and folded and returned the same day.

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